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Top 1% Earner, Content Creator, Speaker & Coach obsessed with ditching outdated “hey girl” messaging for Influencer Marketing Strategies that Generate More Sales 

Tired of "gurus" who haven't walked a mile in your shoes?...

Kady Doesn't just talk the talk She walks the walk

“After having our 4th and final baby, I was left feeling like an overly educated, wiping-ass, lonely, fat blob of a human, with a whole lot less money in our family piggy bank. Dramatic? Yes. Accurate? Absofreakinlutely!

So, I took matters into my own hands and, over the next two years, I turned my 300 followers into 10 Million in sales volume with 4 babies by my side.

Now, I help eager entrepreneurs and content creators skip the line by using the strategies that helped me generate more income online FASTER.”

In 2018 I ventured into the online space. I created a plan to make $1000 in my first month. Although I had a measly 300 friends online, I had a goal and an exact plan to get there: Sell 30 products by posting via social media and send mass “hey girl” messages to random people. 

Low and behold – & to my utter surprise I overachieved this goal! Again and again and again until 6 months in I was generating over 200K sales volume. Obviously, there was something to this “selling on social media” gig but I was exhausted.

This should go without saying, I talked to A LOT of people. Tapping into warm and cold markets was not sustainable; not to mention it felt wrong on so many levels. So, I decided there has to be a better way. I stopped listening to the gurus and top earners in my space. I shredded my “DMO” daily method of operation. I ventured outside the direct sales world and learned from the top influencers, content creators and marketers. And, I uncovered their unspoken secret… how to sell one-to-many

It didn’t take long for others to start asking me for advice on how to get the same results in their businesses as well. And after ranking in the top 1% of income earners in my company, speaking on stages, doing training in groups of over 50k people, being hired to coach and consult all types of entrepreneurs one-on-one I began to master the art of replication and proof of concept.

 I also began to realize my greatest passion and purpose in life is helping others cut through their own bullshit, get laser focused on the right things and begin making the income to live their own first class lives.

Here’s the meat of it, if I want to generate wealth, I must help others become insanely wealthy. As cliche as that might sound, your success is the one thing that makes my business tick.  

Your uniqueness is of massive values to others. Isn’t it time you let it shine and get paid doing it. Besides, there is nothing like running your own schedule, not having to deal with coworkers or bosses, making the money YOU chose to make, breathing your creativity into existence and impacting countless lives from your laptop. 

xoxo - Kady

The minute I decided to invest in myself, do the activities that mattered and ultimately quit caring what anyone else thought about it, I began to soar.

Are you ready to soar?


Kady Thompson is the business strategist for the new wave of online entrepreneurs who:

If you are an eager entrepreneur ready to generate more profit online FASTER and give a fresh and fun road map to living a life of abundance without burnout – Join Kady’s team! 

Kady is a no BS extrovert, a numbers & systems geek, a speaker and a busy mother of 4. She loves hiking the trails in the Pacific Northwest where her and her family reside.

Kady is a powerhouse speaker & trainer bringing inspiration and actionable step by step systems for the audience.