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I partner content creators and influencers (micro & macro) with a global, clean living brand that carries an award-winning and multi-patented liquid collagen line, among a whole line up of clean label products! If you have a beauty, fashion, hair, fitness, or overall wellness brand, your followers will LOVE these products. 

By working with me, you get a right-hand woman to handle all the back end support while you stick to your zone of genius. I am talking one-on-one personalized text/phone support, technical, marketing, and customer support as well as backend reporting (commissions, payouts, credits, sales, etc), and influencer referral setups & support. Your job is to do what you do best, create amazing content for your following!

A little more about me

I teach and work on the geeky-behind-the-scenes stuff so you can maximize and monetize your message online. After scaling my business to multiple 6 figures in just 6 months, I became extremely passionate about changing the business world one bad ass female entrepreneur at a time. And one really impactful way to do that is to empower and put more money in the hands of online influencers through the right partnerships.

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