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How to Become a Decision Making Master
Decision Making

Why do we struggle with decisions? We now have more options and choices than ever before. And this should make us happier, right? But instead it leaves us immobilized.

Our days are FULL of decisions. Literally all day long we are making choices from what to wear and what to eat to is this relationship or job right for me. It is exhausting! And many of us completely drag our feet when tasked with a choice, big or small. You may not realize it, but this indecisiveness comes with a HUGE price tag. 

This episode was actually inspired in two parts, from completely random sources (I love when things in my life inspire and teach me in ways that aren’t obvious!). The first is Robin Arzon who is a Peloton instructor who I absolutely adore. She totally full-out  growls during her workouts. It’s amazing! Her growl reminds me to step into my power and that I can rewrite my story every day. And whether that’s doing my 20 minute workout or 45 minute workout, I love the inspiration that she gives. She’s more than an instructor, she’s a thought leader and a motivator. (P.S. if you have even thought about getting a Peloton- just do it! It will change your life! See Promo Code Below!)

The second place that really inspired this episode is Flip or Flop on HGTV. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a remodeling show where decisions have to be made quickly on things like flooring, design, paint color, and more. They decide so fast. Literally in an instant they’re like: this color and this flooring – go. And, there is so much at stake. A wrong decision could impact the sale of the home or they may end up having to redo EVERYTHING. But, they just do it. They take the risk and they move on. 

Why can’t we do that? We fear the consequences of making the wrong decisions so we don’t do anything. Then we wake up feeling stuck…having more and more things added to our to-do lists. We find ourselves paralyzed in a life that requires us to break free, but the thought of turning a hard right or a hard left stops us dead in our tracks.

How many of you have walked into a retail store only to later walk out empty handed? (or, maybe the opposite? I know we’ve ALL walked in to Target before and come out with 37 things that weren’t on our list!). Maybe you’ve gone to book a flight, wait too long, then the flight is gone? All the time, right? Often when confronted with these decisions we react by choosing nothing at all, putting the decision off, or avoiding the decision all together. But, there is a COST. It’s our time, money, happiness, and opportunities.

IN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE, I break down my 7 tips for Becoming a Decision Making Master:

  1. Spend as much time as you need figuring out your long-term vision. Because after you have a clear vision, all the smaller, day-to-day decisions are much easier. 

  1. Make a public commitment. Accept the project you are anxious about. Burn your boats!

  1. Sometimes good enough is perfect. Abandon the pursuit of perfection. Make educated choices, adapt, modify, and overcome.

  1. Make big decisions in 5 to 10 minutes: Ask Can I live with either outcome? If the answer is yes, I move quickly. If the answer is no, I walk away. Ask yourself what’s the worst and the best that can happen?

  1. Eliminate small decisions from your life: Consider outsourcing to experts: Hire a chef or a healthy meal delivery service, so you don’t have to decide what to eat on a daily basis.

  1. Eliminate small decisions: The late tech icon Steve Jobs, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and even my husband all wear the same outfits every single day in order to utilize every drop of their mental energy on the big stuff and not dilute it through things such as, What should I wear today? 

  1. Delegate the decision Are you getting bogged down deciding what furniture to get, what to eat, what outfits to wear? Hire an interior designer, a chef or someone to help make the decisions for you and be done with it.

The price we pay for indecision everyday adds up. It affects our time, money, opportunities and happiness. You will pay the price. Maybe not today but sometimes months or years later. I want you to get unstuck. I want you to walk into your power. When you step into your power it gives others permission to do the same. And you can become that catalyst in your life and the lives of others by making the small and mighty decisions you know you need to make. 

Til next time,


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