Overcome your Fear of Hitting Record with my Live Video Formula!
My Formula For Monetizing Facebook Live!

Do you panic at the thought of going “live” on Facebook?

Afraid that you’re going to stumble over your words as soon as the camera starts rolling?

Struggling to see the purpose of live videos?

Trust me, I get it! Facebook Live used to be SO painful for me.

I’d spend 2 hours rehearsing, just to feel like I rambled without a purpose once I hit “record”. And then, I really couldn’t tell if my videos were doing anything for my business…did it bring me customers? Did it attract people to my team? Did my viewers find value in what I was saying?

If you can relate, then this post is going to be a game changer for your social media presence…no more fear of “going live”; let’s do this!!!!

Here’s my fool-proof template for turning your Facebook live videos in to MONEY. (and, not having a panic attack while doing it!)

1. Say Who You Are!

This might sound obvious…but….

TELL PEOPLE WHO YOU ARE! Say your first and last name and a little ditty about what it is that you do (hint: tie this in to the value that you’re bringing!). For example: “Hi! I’m Kady Thompson and I teach stay at home mom’s how to build additional income using social media”. Simple? Yes. But, this is so often overlooked! The power of name recognition is huge…make sure your audience is repeatedly hearing your name, and then associating that with what it is that you do (aka: the value you’re brining, and the reason why they’re watching your video in the first place!)

2. Ask Your Audience A Question

The rules of video are very similar to the rules of writing…you have to HOOK your audience to keep them watching! No one wants to watch someone blab about themselves…your audience is watching because they want to glean some type of information and value for their own life or business! So, you need to immediately kick things off by relating your content to them.

A great way to do this is by asking a question! Something like: “do you ever struggle with finances?” or, use a positive connotation and say “would you like to earn money from home?”. In both of those examples, we are using a question to address the pain point of our audience (in this scenario, it’s finances) and then pulling them in to our video with a question that let’s them know “hey audience, I know what it is that you’re looking for, and this video is going to provide the solution, or help with that”.

3. Outline Your Content

Have 3-5 tips, tricks, talking points, or items of value that you’re going to give your audience during the video. This is so important for a number of reasons!

First, breaking content down in to bite size pieces really helps your audience wrap their mind around the value you’re brining. They’ll walk away feeling like: “Wow! I just got some great information that I can turn in to action!” instead of “Holy cow, I just lost 15 minutes of my life listening to this girl ramble and I am not really sure what point she was even trying to make”. Your audience is more likely to engage, share, and watch future live videos when you format your content in simple, easy-to-digest pieces. (plus, it makes for a way more enticing title!)

Secondly, you’ll be able to have this content outlined before you even hit record! You’ll stay on track, and know exactly what you’re going to say. Part of the fun and attraction of Facebook live is that it’s not rehearsed, or overproduced. However, what you don’t want to do is hop on a live video and get lost in your own words! It’s important to be authentic, but also be sure to outline what you are going to say, and the 3-5 items of value that you’re providing your audience (for example: “5 ways you can fight dry skin this winter”). You want to honor your viewers time, and keep them coming back for more!

4. Don’t Forget The Call-To-Action

Nothing is worse than absolutely crushing your video, and having a bunch of excited, engaged viewers, and then…..

Doing nothing.

Don’t forget the call-to-action (CTA)! You have to tell your audience what to do next. The way to craft a call-to-action is to first, think about what your objective is. Is it to get more subscribers in your email list? Is it to funnel them to an e-course? Are you trying to get them to purchase a specific product? Think about what it is that you want from them.

Once you’ve determined this, figure out what you’re going to say. As an example, if I am trying to get more subscribers on my email list, I might say “If you found this video valuable, then I want to help you take your Facebook game to the next level! Click below to download my free cheat sheet for planning out your social media content!” This will allow viewers to put their email address in, in exchange for my cheat sheet. You have to view live video as a transaction…you are providing value for your audience. I promise you your time is not unlimited, so in order to justify resources spent on doing live video, posting, sending out emails, chats etc. you MUST have some type of CTA that is designed to convert that audience in to customers, team members etc. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time!

So….do you feel ready to record your next Facebook Live video? I hope this helps! Let me know how things go in the comments below! And, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t throw in a call-to-action here, sooooo…..

If you want to connect with me and be the first to know when new and exclusive content comes out, drop your email below and I’ll add you to my subscriber list! Never any spam, just great content that will help you grow your business and income!


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