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The 5 Secrets to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome. What is it? Well, to be frank, it’s a real beotch and it takes no prisoners. But if you’re looking for a more technical definition, people with impostor syndrome experience a constant internal struggle between achieving success and avoiding being “found out” or exposed as a fraud. Even the most brilliant and successful people in the world have admitted to feeling like imposters.  

Tell me if you’ve ever felt or said these things to yourself: 

  •  I don’t know why anyone would listen to me?
  • Sure, I have some skills in my business or trade but it feels weird calling myself an “expert”?
  • Wow I can’t believe people think I’m good at this, it’s really not that difficult or special. 
  • If I just get a little more experience, take more training courses or get a bigger degree or certificate then I can feel worthy of owning my craft.
  • There are already people doing what I want to do and way better than me, who am I to think I can compete or am any more special?

If you have uttered any variation of these words, hear me when I say: I promise you DO NOT need to have everything figured out to step into your greatness. Because (SPOILER ALERT) no one does!

Take Arianna Huffington. She is the voice for so many female entrepreneurs and even she has admitted to having feelings of self-doubt. In an interview Huffington said, “The greatest obstacle for me has been the voice in my head that I call my obnoxious roommate. I wish someone would invent a tape recorder that we could attach to our brains to record everything we tell ourselves. We would realize how important it is to stop this negative self-talk. It means pushing back against our obnoxious roommate with a dose of wisdom.” Can we get an amen to shutting the negative and self doubt real in our heads the freak up!   

Let’s not forget the list of rich and famous celebrities who you might think would have the ego and self assurance of Regina George on Mean Girls, but they too have come forward with stories of feeling like they didn’t belong or deserve the success they found. Lady Gaga herself said in her HBO documentary, “I still sometimes feel like a loser kid in high school and I just have to pick myself up and tell myself that I’m a superstar every morning so that I can get through this day and be for my fans what they need for me to be.” I mean what?! I hope you are getting the picture here because even the queen of pop herself is admitting to feelings of self doubt.  

This persistent internalized fear of being “exposed” prevents a whole crap ton of entrepreneurs from reaching their potential and the last thing I want for you is to become another statistic!  So here is the deal, 70% of us suffer from imposter syndrome and it is time to recognize it, stop it dead in its tracks, learn to maneuver around it or kick it to the curb all together. Today we stop doubting ourselves and step into the shoes we WANT to fill.

In THIS WEEK’S EPISODE, I am diving into defining exactly what imposter syndrome is so you can spot it before it takes hold. 

You’ll also learn my Top 5 Secrets to Overcoming Imposter Syndrome:

  1. How to identify when Imposter Syndrome rears its ugly head and holds you back
  2. How to claim your “expert” title without fear
  3. How to stop making if/then statement 
  4. How to take back your power 
  5. How to fake it until you make it and then fake it again (imperfection action my friend)

Finally, if you gather nothing else from this episode… which quite frankly might be impossible. Not to toot my own horn but – TOOT-TOOT!! Ok, that felt good! And YOU should be singing your own praises as often as possible too because you deserve it! By the end of this episode…

I want you to know one thing. You do not have to have it all figured out to step into your greatness. You just have to be one chapter ahead of everyone else. Now leave mediocrity at the door and dive in…you won’t regret it. 

Chat soon,

PS: This training was taken from The Content Playbook Mastermind. If you wish to learn more check it out HERE!


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