Kady Thompson:

So right now, more than ever, people are looking for ways to be able to work from home ways to generate additional streams of income, or to even take over a job that maybe they’ve lost, or people are just more open than ever to finding alternative ways to generate income. And I’m your host, Katie Thompson. I have been working from home for the last two years building my own online business. And so I wanted to come to you guys today with seven ways that you can actually generate income from home. So for me, my entire journey started two years ago after I had my fourth baby and I had a career that I absolutely loved. I was general manager for a retail store and the only downside to it was the hours and was, you know, the, the amount of calls that I was getting on weekends and having to work just crazy hours and constantly just needing to try to balance my growing family and try to balance also working all the time.

And although I loved my career and I am super, you know, motivated, hardworking, I loved climbing the corporate ladder. I had come to come to a spot in my life where having our fourth child, I was like, I’ve got to make a decision. So I decided to leave that job, which left me kind of in a spot where I started scouring the internet, kind of looking for other options. And we were blessed financially to be able to live off of one income. But there was a part of my ego that really wanted me to go out and find other opportunities to even bring in just a little bit of extra income. I wanted to be able to make some money that I could call my own. I also wanted to use my skills. So I had acquired, you know, years and years of sales skills and marketing skills.

And I had all of these skills and I was like, I want to be able to use those. And I wanted to create some kind of business that I love that brought community, that brought friendships that brought people together. And you know, I think as a mom, sometimes we lack that connectivity and oftentimes we feel so smothered, but we feel so alone and I felt more alone during that time than ever. And I miss the connectivity of even having coworkers. And so if you were at home right now and you’re smothered by your children and maybe you’ve been laid off for work and or maybe you’re working less right now, and you’re really needing to bring in additional income or you’re just open to more opportunity that’s out there and you know, this whole shake within the economy and the crisis that’s going on.

It’s so detrimental to so many of us. And I think so many people are opening their eyes and opening up their mindsets and looking at what other opportunities are. So whatever situation you’re in right now, these seven top ways to earn income from home are ways that I have earned income myself, or I have hired other people on virtually to help me in my own business and they’re making money in these ways. And so I wanted to share these with you. And so I want to just address this first and foremost, because I think with the internet, there is so much hype. And I want to tell you this from a, from a level of I’ve been there, that there is no get rich quick kind of scheme. Like everything is gonna require a skill set from you. It’s going to require just like if you were to start a brand new job, I want you to think back on your, the last job that you started in the day that you walked into that office or whatever the location was.

And you were probably nervous. You were scared. You didn’t know how, how, how to do your job. You didn’t know what was expected of you. You didn’t know the dynamics of, you know, the workplace. You didn’t know how to communicate with your coworkers. You didn’t know exactly how to communicate with your customers. You’ve got to think about building an online business or building your own type of business in that way. And that this is the first day that you’re going to be walking into the office and you’re not going to walk into your office and expect to become a millionaire overnight. You’ve got to acquire the right skill set. You’ve got to have the right mindset. You’ve got to have that. I’m, I’m here to learn. I’m here to earn. I’m here to do the best job that I possibly can in any of these seven topics that I go over.

You’re going to have to have that mindset of, there’s going to be times where you’re scared. There’s going to be times where you have no idea what you’re doing. There’s going to be times where, you know, you’re going to have to put your head down and get into training mode. And there’s going to be nobody there to really tell you what to do when to do it. And so you’re going to have to have that self control and that desire within you to continue on. So here are the seven ways to make money from home right now. So number one is to become a virtual assistant. So I hired my first virtual assistant about a year into building my online business. And it was actually my neighbor. And she was a high school girl, about 16 years old, and she’s super bubbly, super personable.

And she could just become like a Jack of all trades. She started doing a lot of my pictures for me that I could use to build my own personal brand. She started doing little tasks, like reaching out to my customer list which mind you would typically take me several hours to do, but she would do that and start reaching out to those people. And I could pay her an hourly rate to do that. Now becoming a virtual assistant for some people might be like, well, that’s like a step down. Well, you know what? Like, that’s a great way to segue yourself into learning about the type of business that you want to build. So if you want to go in and build, say a course type business where you want to start learning, learning how to build courses, well, if you become a virtual assistant for a course creator, this is a great way for you to learn the ins and outs of the business and what it takes for you to build that type of business.

And also becoming a great virtual assistant. If you do a fantastic job at it, like I’m going to give you more tasks, I’m gonna your pay. Like I am going to do everything that I can to keep you busy and keep you employed with me. And the great thing about being a virtual assistant is you can set your own hours and you can do the job wherever. And whenever you please, so, Oh, a lot of virtual assistants you know, like you can do it anywhere. And a lot of times like the virtual assistant I have now, I’ve never even met her in person. So this is great for like, if you’re at home, you need to be home with your kids, but you still want to make a decent, hourly wage. This is a great way to do that.

So number two is becoming an online contractor social media manager right now, if you know the ins and outs of social media as a general, or if say that, you know, a YouTube very well, or you’re learning the skillset of YouTube or, you know, Instagram very well and you know how to create and curate good posts or you know, how to write the copy for posts, a social media manager. This is probably one of the jobs where there is just a huge amount of people, a huge amount of businesses, business brick, and mortar businesses, online businesses, personal brands a ton of people in need of great social media managers, because me being the face of my brand and coming on here, recording this this podcast episode, this YouTube episode, wherever you are watching this, me recording this, I have to be the face of the brand, which means I have to be out there.

I have to be doing live videos. I need to be front of my customers creating the content. But then as soon as I create this content, I need to know that I can pass it off to my social media manager. Who’s then going to take it. They’re going to transcribe it. They’re going to go in the back end, get it attached to my website. They’re going to go in and create Facebook ads off of it to grow my traffic. So if you have if you’re a social media manager or if you have skillsets around social media, or if you’re learning that skillset, this is a great place like you could take on three clients, you could charge a bundled package. I’ve had social media managers who have charged like a thousand dollars and they’re going to take my posts and they’re going to create so many different so many different captions off of it.

They’ve got like a bundle package where I give them my raw material and they come back with a finished product and they’re gonna filter it out to all of my social media channels. So social media manager is a huge opportunity for you right now. I’m in the same space of online contractors. I have hired Facebook ad managers, website builders, graphic designers YouTube managers, videographers. I mean, that’s, that’s huge. So I’m podcasts, editor, all of those kinds of like skill sets. If you have that skillset, you can, you can go out and become an online contractor and get paid for those exact skills. And if you don’t have the skills yet, you could be online during this time where you don’t have, where you have a little bit of extra time and start learning that skillset. I mean, why not learn something new to be able to then go and build a business off of it?

So the next one I have to talk about, cause you guys know, I love creating courses. I’m an educator at heart. I love training. I love training in person. I love training on video. I do live videos. But the course creator is another option for you. If you have a skillset and anything, you can be a course creator, you could create a course on how to play piano. You could create a course on literally anything. There is, there is a girl who I remember the name of her right now, but she became pretty famous for creating a course about Niti and teaching people how to knit. And she’s made thousands upon thousands of dollars. So if you have a skillset, you could create a course on it, teach other people how to do what you do. There were always a large amount of people who are trying to learn it and short the, the internet is flooded with information on how to do these things, but when you can package it up in a step by step simple system and people can take that and then they can go and learn step by step, exactly how to do it.

People will pay for that because nobody wants to scour the internet and, and learn little things. Not really know if this is the right way to do it. If this is the right way to do it. And finally, people kind of get to a spot where they’re like, okay, somebody just show me how to flip and do this. And so if you’re that person and you have a skillset, turn it into a course and then promote that course out. So online course creation is actually going to be a billion dollar a day industry. I hope that you heard that a billion dollar a day industry. It is literally one of the fastest growing industries right now in that course creation industry. And the reason being is because people are looking for knowledge, they’re looking to learn skill sets. And so they’re going out and purchasing these courses to learn the skill sets.

I’ll give you an example. So my husband actually is so funny because I laugh cause I’m like, I see the whole process of how he got like, he, he got kind of led down the funnel and got into purchasing this course. So as as the market is crashing, the best thing you can do, if you have a little bit of extra money is to go and invest in the marketplace because you want to invest when it’s low. And this is when a lot of people make a lot of money is when the market crashes. So just like in 2008, when the market crashed, then a lot of people actually came out on top because they were able to go and invest in stocks. And then when those, when the market came back up, they made a buttload of money. Okay. So my husband, he is super into stocks.

Like he listens to the stock market all the time. He’s always geeking out on this stuff. Right? And so he finds, you know, these people who are also geeking out on the stocks and, and he kind of goes through this whole loophole of trying to learn and trying to figure out and trying to learn. And he’s like, I just, I just need somebody to show me, like, how do I do this? You know? And so then it comes along the course creator. Who’s like, I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I’ve made X amount of money. And I have this course, that’s going to take you from step one, two, three, four, all the way down to help you be able to get into the stock market right now and be able to 10 X your income. Right? Okay. So that’s creating a course off of the knowledge that you’ve acquired over years and years of doing your own research and, you know, working with clients and whatnot.

And so my husband ended up purchasing the course. It’s a great investment. You’re learning a skillset. He’s already making money off of this. And so course creation create a course out of your skills that you have right now. The other thing with the course creation industry, as you’ve got to think about where is the education industry going? And a lot of people who are around my age or people who have just recently come out of college or people who are in their thirties, maybe even in their forties who have degrees will tell you, they’re not even using their degrees. They probably never use their degrees. In fact, the average person changes their career path five to seven times in their lifetime, completely one 80 flips and does something completely different. So the whole, the whole structure of going through this, like, okay, you go, you go to high school and then you get admitted into a college.

You get your degree and then you go get this amazing job. We’re starting to really understand that this process that we have been put through and that we’re expected to put our children through is broken, right? So people are coming out of college and they’re not having the right skillset. They’re not getting the jobs, they’re having all of this extra debt. And, and then they’re having to come in and take entry level positions and not be able to pay off their debt. They’re, you know, they get stuck in this a really bad spot and versus if maybe they didn’t even go to college and they just went out for two years and actually got their hands dirty, they probably be 10 steps further than they were. So this whole thing of online course creation. If I got out of high school and I went and took a course on how to build a business online versus going and getting a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business, I probably would have been 10 steps farther along than I am right now.

And people are starting to realize that. So if you go on or if you have a skillset and you can create a course out of it, that’s going to educate, that’s going to be powerful and impact people. You can create a business out of this. So the next way to, to work from home to generate an income from home is to build a personal brand. You’re seeing a lot of people do this. In fact, I heard a stat the other day, that 50% of Instagrammers are actually influencers who are, you know, either monetizing their brand or they’re trying to monetize their brand. So 50% of the people who are on Instagram right now are on Instagram because they want to make money. So that’s pretty freaking insane. And the cool thing about building a personal brand for yourself is that once you build that personal brand, you can start to monetize it in multiple different ways.

You can connect with multiple different brands, different companies doesn’t mean that, that, you know, you have to have this massive following. In fact, a lot of brands are looking for people who have just a couple thousand followers because their engagement rate is actually a lot higher. So don’t feel like, Oh, you know, if I don’t have a hundred thousand followers or 300,000 followers, I’m not going to be able to generate income. That’s absolutely not the case. I, you know, I still don’t have a huge following on Instagram. And my following on Facebook is much larger, but it’s still under 2000 people and I generate a multiple six figure income online. So following doesn’t matter, what matters is engaged, following, like, am I providing value to the right people? Am I attracting the right people into my life? And am I making a difference in their lives and in their businesses?

And the answer is yes. And that’s why my business is building, not because of my following, but if you build a personal brand, you can, you can have an influence and you can start to promote products that you’re already using in your everyday life. You can connect with different companies, different brands you can connect with, with MLM and network marketing. You can, you can you can build a lot of different streams of income in this way. So one of the fastest ways I will say, if you are going to build a personal brand, if you’re starting from ground zero, one of the fastest ways to generate leads to you is to create video. And I hear this from so many of my clients. And I also hear this from so many people who are on my team is that doing live video is probably the scariest thing that they’ve ever done.

And I will tell you, it’s not easy, especially when you’re first starting out, just like anything else. Remember I talked about the first day that you walk into a new job, you’re kind of feeling uneasy, a little shaky, which, you know, how do I react here? What do I do here? How do I do this? And just, just like that feeling, you’re going to feel that with the live video, but it gets easier. Every single time you show up to your new job, it gets easier and more familiar and more familiar, the same with live video. Every time you do it, it gets easier and easier and more familiar and more familiar until you become very natural on camera. And I do want to let you know that I actually created my, my live video formula. So I found this formula when I was first starting out online for live videos.

And it’s legit. It’s probably the simplest thing you will see, like you can go to my website, Katie thompson.com, and you can download that formula for free. I’ll put it in the show notes below here, make sure and click below this video and you’ll be able to see that. But it is a super simple formula, but it is so powerful. And once I had that formula in place, it, it helped me be able to create video so much faster and with ease because instead of making the video about me, I learned how to make the video about my audience. And I also learned how to make sure that I was adding value in the video and not just rambling on. So I want you guys to head over to my website. You can get that for free Katie thompson.com. And it’s right up at the top of my website.

And that is my live video formula. Just download that and use that. I promise you, you’re building a personal brand. You got to show up on live, and this is a great way to do it. So the next way to create a job from home, create income from home is to become a virtual sales rep. So a lot of businesses need virtual sales reps. In fact, I need virtual sales reps. So this is going to be someone who is going to be that first point of contact before they would come and talk to me. And you know, before I would offer my consulting services, they would have a phone conversation with my sales rep who would then, you know, be able to close the, close the deal and get them on as paid clients. So there are many different businesses who need good virtual sales reps.

So if you’ve been in sales before, if you’ve been in a commission environment, there is a huge need for virtual sales reps. So thinking back to the course creators, thinking back to the online business coaches. So there are a lot of people who are becoming business coaches, they all need virtual sales reps. This is a role that cannot be replaced, and if you’re good at sales and you’ve already got that, that skill set, you can do it virtually you can do it from home. So the next one is to build websites and to get good at SEO. So I have a gal who I contract and, and she helps my clients. And she’s also helped me before, but she specializes in WordPress. And so she builds websites out in WordPress and she helps make sure that those are optimized. So SEO means that they’re optimized.

So get, get good at skills. If you, if you’re learning anything from this, get good at one skill, or if you already have this skill set, bring it online and, and create a virtual business from it the last way, make income from home, which is how, which is one of the ways that I generate income is consulting, offering one-on-one consulting or coaching services. You know, I have, I have built a business online, so I built that expertise. And so now I can go and help other people who are trying to do that, who are trying to monetize their message. I can help them streamline, create the systems they need hire virtual assistants, you know, set up their Facebook pages, business pages, like the little nitty gritty behind the scenes. Things I can help with that. And so I consult with them.

So just like if you’re thinking about, okay, if you were going to go to your accountant, your accountant in a way as a consultant to you, they’re consulting you on how best to you know, to, to monitor your expenses for your business. So you, so you don’t get taxed as much, right? Like I am a consultant for small business owners for small brands. And so you can be a consultant in so many different realms. There are so many different ways to consult with people. But there’s this great book that I read that I highly recommend you guys check out it’s called rocket fuel. And this one was like, like blew my mind because it talks about having a visionary person and an integrator in a business. So for me, I’m a very much a visionary. Like I have all these different ideas going on everywhere, but it’s like, I need to have an integrator.

I need to have someone in the back. Who’s helping me kind of organize those thoughts. Who’s helping me, you know, be able to streamline those things. And, and as a consultant, I come in to other businesses and I help them streamline their business. I look at, okay, tell me what it is that you’re thinking. Tell me your ideas, tell me what it is that you know, you want to do when you want to create. And then you’re going to bounce it off me. I’m going to go do some research. I’m also going to help implement those things and help you start to monetize your business more. So those are the seven ways that you can be making income from home. You can really honestly bring your skills online, virtually the skills that you’ve already acquired, or you can go and acquire new skills. You can go and learn these things going and get a course.

Okay. if you’re building a personal brand, I have the content playbook, which is on my website. You could check that out. That’s going to help you streamline your content strategy, but I hope that this gives you a lot of different ideas on how to build income from home. And and be sure if you found value in this, that you subscribe to the channel that you never miss an episode. I know that for podcasting and for YouTube, in order for other people to hear this message I’ve, you know, the more subscribers that I get, then the more people that are going to hear this message. And I know this is going to bring a lot of value to a lot of people. And if you want any of the resources that I mentioned in this episode, make sure and head over to Katie thompson.com. You’ll be able to find the episode in my blog posts, and you’ll be able to check out all the resources and different ways that you can start generating income from home. Okay, guys, I’ll talk to you next week. Bye.