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Who is your client avatar?

Want to know how to find your avatar or ideal client? Tired of attracting people who just don’t get you, your message, products or services? Or maybe you’re still not sure how identifying your avatar can help you grow your business.

This strategy will help you understand how to uncover your avatar and bring clarity to your marketing message so that you are attracting the right people to YOUR in your business.

If you’re trying to grow your influence and brand on social media quickly, then you know you need a clear marketing approach that speaks directly to your ideal client. But, how do you determine your avatar?

Today I’m breaking it down specifically! Read through this blog post or watch the video above to discover:

1.) What an ideal customer avatar is

2.) how to find your avatar

3.) how to start marketing and attracting your idea avatar

Getting clear on who I wanted to attract in my business has allowed me to work with clients and attract business partners that just get me. Plus, speaking to my ideal audience has brought so much more JOY in to my business and helped me LOVE what I do. In short? Getting dialed in on your ideal patient avatar will make you want to show up for my business each and every day.


1. If you’re marketing to everyone, you’re marketing to no one. You must identify your ideal client avatar.

I have created a worksheet with the exact questions in the description below to help you uncover your ideal avatar.

You need to be asking yourself who do you want in your life, what kind of car do they drive, what are they staying up late googling, do they have kids, how old they are. Even give this person a name! This is your ideal client avatar. When you get clear on who this person is using the worksheet below you will STOP:

-attracting all the wrong people in your business

-wasting your time creating content that serves no value to

your avatar.


There are a number of places you can find your avatar, some of them include:

1.) Social media platforms, personal blogs, youtube videos –

think of where your avatar hangs out.

2.) Facebook Groups – find communities on facebook where

you avatar would hangout and share value in the groups.

You will instantly attract the right people to your social

and to your content.

3.) FB and insta Ads – once you become super clear you can

even spend money to grow your audience by targeting them with messages that you know they’ll respond to!


You market to your avatar through intentional marketing. Weekly Content creation

that speaks to them specifically. Each time you create a post or make a video you are

speaking to that one person.

For example if you are into barre workouts and you are selling a mini challenge and

supplements all around these workouts. Then you want to think about your ideal client avatar and what problems she has and how you can solve those and speak to them in your content.

I also really suggest live streaming – learn how to overcome the fear of going live and why you should be live streaming in my videos here.

Now that you know who your avatar is, where to find them, and how to talk to them, I want to hear from YOU! Who is your avatar? Leave me a comment below and let’s chat!


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